Woolite DARKS Liquid Laundry Detergent, With Color Renew, HE & Regular Washers 75 oz

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    Product Description

    Use Woolite Darks laundry detergent so the love for your dark clothes doesn’t have to fade! We all love the way dark clothes make us feel and no one wants that feeling to fade.  However, no matter how carefully you wash your favorite jeans or little black dress, they can fade, change color, or bleed in the wash cycle making them less enjoyable to wear.  Woolite Darks has the perfect balance of clean and care, keeping the darks you love vibrant even after 30 washes!  Woolite Darks formula contains an active ingredient that acts as a dye magnet that collects loose dye particles during the wash cycle, preventing color transfer & fading so dark colors stay dark for longer! Woolite Darks formula, now enhanced with Color Renew brings the color back to your beloved dark clothes as it smooths rough fibers, removes pilling and revives colors.

    Bullet Features
    Woolite® Darks with Color Renew™, smooths fibers, removes pilling and revives colors, so dark colors stay vivid & bold for longer
    Keeps the dark clothes you love looking like new even after 30 washes
    Does not cause fading, shrinking or stretching
    Designed for use in both regular and high-efficiency machines
    Ultimate protection for clothes with refreshing Midnight Breeze scent.